• STMWS Family Fun Day
    10 Dec 2017
  • Umrah
    21 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018
  • Al Madrasah Noorul Islam
    • It was first started with Madrasah lessons in various houses in 1987 for need of indian muslim society.
    • In 1990s, as the student population grew, the Madrasah was located to central based mosque in Singapore.
    • At present we have Madrasah in 5 centers
      1. Al Muttaqin Mosque
      2. Kampong Delta Mosque
      3. Ar-Rabitah Mosque
      4. Masjid Jamae Chulia
      5. Salim Mattar Mosque
  • At present, our head Ustad Moulana Maulavi Al Hafiz Asan Ali Faizy together with 30 volunteers conducting classes in our Madrsah.
  • Well wishes are most welcomed to support our madrasah as well.

The followings are our Madrasah's Time Table at various Centers:

  • Monday , 7pm to 9pm at Masjid Jamiya ( for Male Adults)
  • Wednesday, 5.30pm to 8.30pm (Females only)
  • Saturday, 10am to 1pm at Masjid Salim Mattar
  • Sunday, 9am to 12pm at Kampong Delta
  • Sunday, 2.30pm to 6pm at Al Muttaqin Mosque.