• STMWS Family Fun Day
    10 Dec 2017
  • Umrah
    21 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018
History of STMWS

STMWS, was formerly known as Tenkasi Muslim Benefit Society (TMBS), formed in the year 1940. TMBS was set up with the objective of guiding and assisting indian muslim migrants from South India to settle down in Singapore. It provided a platform to educate migrants to improve themselves and to work in harmony during pre-indelendence of Singapore. TMBS first operated from 45 Cheng Cheok Street.

In 1950 TMBS formed a famous music group called “Shajahan Music Party”. The Music group was actively performing in radio, television and in functions till 1980. A memorable moment for the band was in 1950 where they had the honor of being the first indian music party to perform in the independence celebration at City hall.

TMBS was renamed to STMWS in 1974. It is the second largest Indian Muslim Community in Singapore. STMWS is now operating from Block 334 Kreta Ayer Road #02-02.